Dr Evelyn Chang Newsletter
Dr Evelyn Chang Newsletter


The story behind the birth of Dr. Evelyn Chang Newsletter

With what I can offer and my capability to make a difference in people health conditions and lives, I realize that providing one-to-one clinic consultation alone has its limit. I would like to reach more people to share what I know and what I can do. This is when writing opportunity comes to me.

I hope that through my writing, through translating the scientific nutrition evidence to easy-to-understand information, through sharing my clinical experience and thoughts, my readers will be better informed with nutrition information in an accountable manner, be aware of what is important for their health and lives, and motivated to take action to make changes for a better health and lives.

I also see this as an opportunity to connect with a wider community and I welcome feedback and thoughts from my readers.

How do I sign up for the newsletter?

What is the membership fee?

If you are seeing Dr Evelyn either for an individual or group consultation, simply mention that you would like to have the newsletter when filling out the intake form. After the first session with Dr Evelyn, you will be able to access the newsletter content as well as to receive new posts via your email.

If you are not a client of Dr Evelyn but are interested to sign up to the newsletter, not to worry. Please contact Dr Evelyn and she will be more than happy to sign you up.

It is currently free!