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 Meet Dietitian: Dr. Evelyn Chang, APD

Evelyn Pheh Ping Chang, dietitian

Evelyn aims to bridge the gap between where clients are and where they want to be. Clients will be able to walk away from her consultation session with tailored options they can choose from, feeling supported and motivated to keep going, and access to further information as needed.

NOTE: Evelyn is able to cater for those who wish to communicate in Malay and Chinese during consultation session.


  Qualified and professional dietary support including:

1. heart disease

Evelyn works with you to improve cholesterol levels, blood pressure level, and body weight, thereby improving heart health. She also assists in the sodium and fluid management. 


2. Diabetes

Evelyn works with you to improve blood sugar level, HbA1c result, and body weight. Under her support, you will be able to prevent the progression to diabetes related complication such as retinopathy (vision impairment and blindness), nephropathy (kidney damage), and heart disease.


3. chronic Kidney disease

Evelyn has special interest in chronic kidney disease. Through working closely with her, she can assist you to preserve kidney function and relieve symptoms related to kidney problem.

4. weight management

Underweight or overweight? Evelyn will work with you to manage your weight in a sustainable manner that suits you, lifestyle, and family.


5. Irritable bowel syndrome and gut health

As a Monash University FODMAP Trained Dietitian, Evelyn will work with you to manage your symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. She can also help you with other gut issues such as diverticulosis and reflux.


Located in: Activeliving The Wellness Company

Address: 81 Sixth Ave, Maroochydore QLD 4558, Australia


Phone: 0497 785 114

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