How Does a Dietetic Consultation Look Like?

Dr Evelyn Chang, MSc, PhD, APD

5/20/20211 min read

Initial consultation includes providing nutrition assessment, nutrition education and resource, and nutrition care plan tailored to individuals. ⠀

Follow up consultation includes monitoring and evaluation of intervention prescribed, further nutrition education and counselling. One should always make sure their dietetic consultation comes with follow up sessions. The follow up session is actually when a dietitian can come in and provide individual guidance according to your progress so that changes that suit you can be made. Remember, everyone is different; what your friend does may or may not suit you. ⠀

Dietetic consultation is very much different from when you see a doctor for medical advice. When you make any change to your diet, it also means you may need to change your shopping list, learn new cooking style, negotiate with your family, change your usual habit, or even your social life, and the lists go on. As a dietitian, we anticipate this to happen and therefore we don’t expect you to fix everything we ask in a short period. We know that you may face some problem, and we are here to help you, guide you, support you, empower you to make those changes. Therefore, always make the most effort to attend the follow up session and have discussion with your dietitian. ⠀

Some may think dietitian will only restrict what their clients can eat and they will no longer able to enjoy food. It is actually the opposite, we dietitian want you to enjoy food, but in a sustainable way. Everything in this world is about moderation, the same goes to food. In order to enjoy food, you first have to feed your body with food needed, then you can enjoy the food you like, may it be chocolate, cake, steak, chips and so on. For eg. If you have high cholesterol, does it mean you can’t have fish and chips 🍟 or pizza? 

Evelyn Chang
Evelyn Chang
How does my consultation look like ?