How I help?

I will provide nutrition education and practical steps to you according to your body condition, value, lifestyle, and family. I will work out an eating plan that is both sustainable and nutritionally sufficient to your body. It is also important to keep in mind that you will face challenges along the way, which is normal and will happen to anyone of us. Hence, my role is also to stay by your side along your journey to motivate you and to modify plan that you can follow in long term.


Prediabetes means your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not high enough to consider as diabetes. Usually, people with prediabetes has some insulin resistance or the body cannot make enough insulin to control the blood sugar level. This means that extra glucose stays in your bloodstream but not being used by your body cells. Over time, this could lead to type 2 diabetes.

Now, what is insulin resistance? It is when your body does not respond well to insulin and therefore not able to take up glucose in bloodstream to convert into energy to function. One main contributor to insulin resistance is too much fat in the abdomen and around the organs. It is obvious that losing weight will improve insulin resistance. The main problem facing by most people would be gaining weight back, in fact more.

What about controlling blood sugar level? Would stop having sugar the solution to this? What about restricting carbohydrate food? The answer is it is more complicated than just these and sustainability is the key challenge.